Do you think that students should have thier own laptops in schools?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What did I get out of that?

Wow, this course has challenged my way of thinking as well as reinforcing some. I have a strong passion for ICT that many of my collegues in the course shared. It was interesting to share this new experience of learning online. I didn't think that it would be possible in the begining. Readings of superior authors have shed light on issues surrounding learning theories and implementation of policy and e-learning. What I guess I'm trying to say is that e-learning is something that we as digital citizens have to embrace in a methodical manner. We only need to see the countless amounts of web 2.0 tools being created. I guess that you can contribute that to the social network giants. I believe those creaters are looking to create the next big craze. Here I go on a tangent but even television giants are embracing the new craze.....if this is happenning now, whose to know what we will have in the future-classic example, plauying on the PS3 the other day now there is an icon to watch television on my PS3, I didn't ask for it and now its there. Is this kind of marketing mechanism the new direction?

Back again, the course has outlined features to e-learning that I had never ever thought to consider. I feel equiped with the right knowledge now than ever before. Thanks Tony for a well thought out course.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Did you Know

E-learning Debate 2010

A Little Assistance

The other day I found myself helping my younger sister(aged 15) refine her assignment on issues concerning teenagers and ICT. Her chosen feild was social networking. I was suprised to know how much she knew, maybe to my naivety, however none the less suprised. It got me thinking about how in touch this generation is with technology and its use. I must admit reading Andersons online future learning and Bolstads & Gilberts 21st Century learner brought light to what our society has moulded too and having my little sister smack in the middle of it was definately and eye opener.

I found it comforting on the other hand the knowledge that I had just learnt from the course was refreshing and new and that I could offer assistence to her with theory to back it up. This course has brought the best out of me in regards of teaching practice to policy implementation and so on that I wish to continue to pass on this new schema of mine to my department.

I guess all we need to do is give a little assistance here and there.....just a

Monday, May 10, 2010

Topic for Assignment Two

With many days passing so quickly I have finally decided on my report topic. I was thinking of writing a report of the use of Socratic Questioning to improve Critical literacy through the use of a weblog. Social constructivism has been the identified thoery of which I will make links to. The tool in this case to improve the critical literacry will be the weblog and the method of which I will help aid this tool will be socratic questioning.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Assignment Two

Assignment two has been a little tricky for me. I am undecided about the topic that I want to pursue. I am leaning towards sticking with my 1st assignment topic but I don't want to fall into the trap of repeating myself. Will need to find a topic soon!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Did you Know

The first time I saw this I had to share this with my class. They were amazed of the stats and egar to know what it was like know....I'm pretty sure some figues would of increased by now...hello Apple just can't stop reinventing the iphone?lol